The Disappearance 100WC

The Disappearance                  
“Max!” yelled Molly.
“What!?” Max yelled back.
“Mom said breakfast is ready!” Molly yelled again.
“Ok” said Max walking down the stairs.
“Wow, Molly, did you get a new haircut?” asked Max surprised.
“Yes I got a new fringe,” bragged Molly, “and by the way Mom’s making eggs for breakfast.”
“Are you using a adult tone in your voice Molly?”
“Yes you are”
“No I’m not”
“Yes you are!”
“No I am not!”
“What happened?” said Max, with a sigh.
Molly took a big, deep breath as if she killed the cat or something and Molly was about to spill the beans. “I KILLED ICE THE CAT!” said Molly.
“Wait, WHAT!?!?! How!?”
“I was doing archery and I thought I was good enough so I used Ice to do extra hard targets. Then I put a apple on him and try to shoot the apple but failed.”
“So where’s the cat!?!” said Max while panicking.
“Buried… the backyard”
“I don’t know I thought it could be a little graveyard for him”
“But what would Dad would see when he plants new flowers or other plants!?”        
“Oh……...I did not think of that” Molly said while her mouth dropped.
“So……..we’re dead” said Molly.

“Yes we are, Molly, yes we are.”


  1. JC,
    WOW! This story sure went on down several 'paths'. I was surprised that the characters argued so long about the tone of voice one character had used. I am not accustomed to how that would feel for a sister and brother to argue about an adult voice tone. Where did the accident involving the cat come from? I wonder if there are really several different stories in one here?
    Remember, to stick to the 100 words for this challenge. That will push you to being more concise and careful about your plot twists.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA


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